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Tents and modules manufactured by our company are suitable for comfortable long term living in any environment ranging from Africa to Antarctica. They are safe to use, weather-proof, easy to install, require no special storage facilities, easily repairable in the field, and ready for transportation as separate parts or as fully assembled units by any means of transportation including airlift delivery.

All of the modules manufactured by our company can be used separately or they can be interconnected, allowing for the customer to define connections or passages, forming multi-purpose transportable module complexes and tent towns.



Thermal insulated pneumo-frame modulesthat are inflatableare designed for a quick and efficient assembly for:

  • military operations
  • medical first aid and rescue teams
  • locations that have been damaged by natural disasters
  • heavy machinery servicing centres and other purposes


Their distinctive quick mounting feature is especially important when human lives are at stake. Depending on the type of the inflator and the frame module used, module can be assembled by one person within 3-30 minutes.




Modular thermal insulatedframe tentsthat can be double-pitched or hipped, are reliable and wind resistant; they provide comfortable living conditions in the field for a long period of time. The frame is made of steel or aluminium tubes and is a ready-made frame that can be easily and quickly assembled, and has no small parts that can be lost.


We manufacture unique polar tents with special aerodynamic design for any weather conditions. These tents have a reliable design that can be quickly assembled, equipped with flood prevention borders and carrying handles. The carrying handles are especially important for a quick emergency transport of a tent without disassembly, in case the tent is situated on ice and the ice begins to crack.




Every module comes with a wind-proof kit, a set of spare tools and accessories.
An on-board power cable network including outer power cable, receptacles, and optional suspended lamps and all life support systems, power network configuration, type of heat insulation materials such as power plants, heating and ventilation plants, and inflating units are available upon request.
Our company can also provide models fully equipped with foldable field furniture, double-tier dismountable bed units, water reservoirs of our own manufacturing, emergency rescue equipment, light pillars, sleeping bags and bed linens.

Module assembly of any complexity including full field engineering support is available upon request.