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The products manufactured by our company range from multifunctional complexes based on any frame, pneumo-frame modules and tents. The modules can be interconnected forming a unified structure, or arranged separately in a tent town. Depending on their location and utilization they can be used by:

    • military forces and medical servicesfor medical, disinfection and shower complexes, heavy machinery servicing centres, living and educational centres
    • companies who perform major construction works and need living accommodations for a short or long period of time





  • polar expeditions and tourists
  • archaeological expeditions especially in extreme weather conditions etc.

The designs and materials allow for modules to be used in any climatic conditions.




The development of module structures and their usage is based on scientific research, state-of-the-art technology, usage of modern high quality materials to make living in the extreme weather conditions save and comfortable. Due to the use of PVC materials our transportable complexes are flame resistant. Modular passages can interconnect modules or they can be connected back to back.




Upon request, multifunctional complexes can include any of the following units:

  • Accommodation modules
  • Hospitals with various inner liners for hygienic purposes as well as the separation of a module into rooms of any size
  • Command headquarters
  • Kitchen and dining modules


  • Shower and disinfection modules
  • Sanitary and hygienic modules including rest rooms and lavatories
  • Warehouse module for equipment, machinery etc.

Transportable modules can be delivered to the installation point via airlift transport, aircraft and freight parachute platforms.