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Materials and technology
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Our product manufacturing is based on scientific research and state-of-the-art technology. We use modern high quality materials that provide safe and comfortable use even in extreme climatic conditions.

All of ourpneumo-frame modules and frame modules are made from PVC materials and are:

  • weather-proof
  • flame-resistant
  • require no special storage facilities
  • repairable in the field conditions
  • available in various designs
  • emit no chemical odours
  • available for transportation as separate parts or as fully assembled units

*The external tents can also be made of polyurethane which makes the modules lighter.



Pneumatic frame is made of inflatable reinforced PVC fabric which makes it more durable. It is equipped with an internal pressure redistribution system which in case of damage to one of the frame sections will hold up till repair is performed.

Metal frame is made of steel or aluminium tubes and is protected with a wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant high quality polymer coat.





Internal thermal insulated linerconsists of a complex 4-layer foiled material that keeps the heat in or out depending on the climatic conditions, this produces an isothermal effect providing safe usage and minimizing the heat loss or gain. Due to the properties of internal thermal insulation material, our products can be used in conditions varying from –45°С to +50°С. In harsher climates a coarse calico heat insulation can be used.


All materials used in the manufacturing of the tent's exterior and interior comply with the modern requirements and standards. The materials are:

  • chemical and acid resistant
  • bacteria resistant
  • emit no chemical odours

  All seams of the external tent are hot welded, eliminating stitched seams thus improving the durability of the tent. All thermal insulated tents are equipped with a natural ventilation system, minimizing condensate formation between the liners and the flies. Air circulation inside the module guarantees a comfortable environment for people within.


Tent windows are equipped with carbon plastic inserts or transparent PVC film, anti-mosquito nets, flood-resistance flaps and drain systems.


The floor is optionally equipped with high (300 mm) borders to prevent flooding and to protect against reptile and insect penetration. In conditions with extremely low temperature, the floor can be equipped with modular thermal insulation.

The PVC tents are available in different colours upon request. Logos and advertising slogans of any complexity can be applied onto the products.