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Our company is proud to offer you tent hangars, frame and pneumo-frame tents. These warehouse modules allow storage of property under various weather conditions. Choosing the correct type of module is essential when every second counts. In an emergency setting choosing a pneumo-frame module is ideal, where only 3 to 30 minutes is required to install such module depending on the model and the inflator used. Installation of a frame module is a more complicated process, but in the long term the usage of this type of module will be more efficient, since monitoring of pressure in the pneumo-cylinders is not required. Tent hangars are immovable indoor premises thus determining their function.



Pneumo-frame module includes the following:

  • pneumatic frame made of reinforced PVC fabric
  • external tent made from PVC fabric
  • internal lining
  • heat insulated floor with 300 mm borders to prevent flooding (optional)





Modular frame tentsare reliable and wind resistant. They sustain preferred storage conditions and are designed for long term use. Ready-made metal frame can easily and quickly be assembled, and has no small parts that can be lost.

* For detailed information about materials used, technology and product designs of frame and pneumo-frame modules please see the corresponding section.

Modules with special thermal insulation are options previously mentioned and may be used in extreme weather conditions.

Every module comes with a wind-proof kit, a set of spare tools and accessories. An on-board power cable network including outer power cable and receptacles are available upon request.



Frame tent hangarsequipped with PVC tents, provide a reliable protection from unfavourable weather conditions. They allow the storage of goods and products, coverage of equipment, and repair work performance.




 To prevent corrosion and damage of your property and to protect it from outdoor weather conditions we manufacture custom hangars with metal frames and external tents from PVC materials.
We can manufacture various hangars to store any type of vehicle, powerboat or yacht. Such tents can be especially beneficial to water-crafts owners during the off-season.



The simplicity of assembly and mobility are great advantages of our hangars.
Other advantages are:

  • PVC tents don't fade
  • they are frost proof
  • can easily be repaired if cut
  • metal frame is protected with wear-resistant high quality polymer coat, which protects against corrosion
  • the unused hangar can easily be uninstalled until the next usage is required
Custom tailored hangars of various dimensions and colours are possible upon request